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This famous quote is at the heart of everything that makes WORKING ROLLS ™ WORKING ROLLS ™, whether as a brand, as a company or as a provider of innovative work solutions. Evoking all the values ​​that characterize our work and our range, she has guided all our actions for more than 10 years.
No wonder no one can better describe this principle than the one who created the first business spring called WORKING ROLLS ™: Guillaume CHAY.
In 2001, he is about to launch his activity as a manufacturer of scientific equipment in the nuclear industry. As with any new, self-respecting company entering the market, it looks for premises, computer equipment, a multilingual administrative assistant, and a technician.

"At first, I did not realize that my installation costs were going to eat away at my profits and that I would not be able to employ this team full time, so I tried to share my premises, my staff and the costs involved in reducing my structural costs.) Soon, I realized that all business leaders had the same problem and no one proposed a simple solution integrating all the structural needs of a turnkey company. So I decided to invent it. "

Guillaume CHAY

That's when the idea of ​​the unique Ékypé ™ office concept, which is the core business of Batycom ™, is born.

WORKING ROLLS ™ is a group of luxury business centers belonging to the same brand offering innovative work solutions for all, from the designer to the multinational.

Established mainly around AIX-en-Provence for more than 13 years, WORKING ROLLS ™ makes it easy for its customers to access a turnkey work space, combining structural services and shared human resources.

In addition to corporate domiciliation, we also offer a hotline, rental of meeting rooms and other business solutions.

WORKING ROLLS ™ has become today the place of companies who want simplicity, reliability, flexibility, flexibility and profitability at the lowest cost.
The WORKING ROLLS ™ offering has always been built around this concept, giving its customers the portability and flexibility they need to do business anytime, anywhere in the world.

The exclusive concept of WORKING ROLLS ™.

Since 2002, the principle explaining why WORKING ROLLS ™ is leader, has not changed:

To offer in an all-inclusive monthly package flexible working solutions, calibrated or à la carte, integrated into a professional, efficient and user-friendly work environment, at the heart of one of the largest and most dynamic economic activity zones.

Over 10 years of innovation.

1 │Customers.

Geographical distribution

2│ Business resort.

Batycom has 3 interconnected business resorts.

3 000 m²

 of office floor

136 places

24 333


8 employees


3 dept.

  • Bouches du Rhone

  • Vaucluse

  • Alpes de haute Provence

Age distribution

Gender distribution



The advantages of WORKING ROLLS ™

A local group on a human scale invested for the absolute satisfaction of its Customers.

Efficient and
quality services

A full range of services based on an ISO 9000: 2015 Quality system.

Really ALL inclusive offers

An all-inclusive monthly package, clear conditions of service, just good surprises with us!


No predefined commitment, it's up to you to choose the rental period you need.

You adjust the volume of services required over time according to your business.

Plug & Work

Because time is money, everything is already configured when you arrive.

You are operational within one minute of your arrival.

Your loyalty rewarded

Discounts at many partners, gift vouchers throughout the year. We like to thank you for your loyalty!

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