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Company domiciliation

A multi-profit strategy!

A choice of renowned addresses and luxury buildings allows you to enhance your business and make a good impression at a lower cost, from € 1 per day.


Why set up your business at Working rolls ™?

Addresses in the city center, in beautiful areas, or close to your customers, you can finally have the address you have always wanted.

  • For our offers adapted to SMEs: Our packs start at 1 € per day.

  • For our proximity to you. We take care of your mail and notify you free of charge by SMS as soon as it arrives. We make sure that it is managed according to your daily instructions.

  • For the presence of 10h of our teams which allows you to receive and check your packages with confidence. We store them securely or manage them according to your instructions.

  • For the 2 hours monthly rental of an Ékypé ™ Flex office or meeting rooms that are included in your DOMPLUS package to receive your contacts in optimal professional conditions.

  • For the many benefits and discounts as a Working Rolls ™ Member!

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The strategic benefits of Working Rolls ™ domiciliation include:

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Addresses in the city center, in beautiful areas, or close to your customers, you can finally have the address you have always wanted,

  • Little expense for the benefits provided,

  • Flexible and scalable contracts according to the needs and the fluctuation of your business,

  • Constant prices over the duration of your contract: no increase along the way,

  • Access to numerous à la carte services (meeting rooms, videoconferences and office space adapted to your needs),

  • The dispensation of personnel training.

We offer you one of the best domiciliation service in France.

Offers that combine according to your needs

Assemble our services over time to compose your personalized offer, which will therefore evolve according to your business.

Advantageous access to a service platform

As future Members of Working Rolls ™ business centers, you are automatically entitled to discounts from all our partners, 10% discount on all our services, to our VIP loyalty program, and a multitude of services contained in our MarketPlace:

- com corner: allow you to communicate your new contact details in the best possible way thanks to our partner PRINTYBOX.

An expert contact for all your formalities for setting up or transferring a business

Do not waste any more time between the chartered accountant, the domiciliary (We) and the CFE.

Batycom ™ takes care of all your legal formalities from A to Z.

From the legal announcement to the filing of your statutes at the registry, through assistance in the drafting of your statutes and your meeting minutes: Artisan, EURL, SARL, SA and SAS, entering administrative forms M0 / M2 / M3, legal announcements, minutes of meetings, management reports, special report, etc.


  • No unnecessary travel, optimized deadlines and a contact person who manages any problems

  • Legal support for your business

  • Privileged contact with our partner lawyers and accountants

Batycom offers post office boxes in Aix en Provence, company domiciliaiton in Aix en Provence, cheap post boxes

"The domiciliation of the company corresponds to its registered office and must be declared to the center of formalities for companies. The registration of a natural person in the Trade and Companies Register or in the Trade Directory or the registration of a company requires a domiciliation which allows it to be identified.Without domiciliation, registration is refused.This professional address must appear on commercial documents (quotes, invoices, etc.).

The domiciliation consists, for a company which does not have premises to exercise its activity, to declare its address, with a company specialized in the domiciliation: this allows the domiciled client to have an immutable official address to communicate to its clients or administrations; he can benefit from the additional services offered by the domiciliation company (telephone secretary, office rental, reprography, etc.). He can receive his clients there or hold his meetings or assemblies. The domiciliation is still interesting in cases where the interested party does not have the right to domicile his business at home (special provisions of the residential lease).

Provisional domiciliation is possible at the manager's domicile but must be completed when the legal person is created and cannot exceed five years. Before the end of the five-year period, consideration should be given to leasing commercial premises or using the services of a domiciliation company. The legal representative must, on pain of automatic dismissal, communicate to the clerk of the commercial court the elements justifying the change of location of the head office.


Note: the domiciliation allows to separate the real estate assets of the company from the real estate assets of its representative. Thus, if the company encounters difficulties, professional creditors will not be able to seize the assets of its representative if they are actually mentioned in a declaration of exemption from seizure associated with a direct debit.

This declaration will not be admissible if, when it is drawn up, the company already encounters difficulties. The creditor may then initiate a Paulian action against the debtor ".

Maître Benoît T., lawyer at the bar

Contact our teams on +33 (0) 4 86 85 6000

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