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Our solutions calibrated for the requirements of large groups.

They trust us

Why ?


Being an owner or tenant on a lease 3/6/9

of a large building stock is an outdated model.

A poisoned

Capital is blocked in real estate, with high installation and service costs, without any flexibility.

Less efficient

Employees lose time in transport and work in conditions that demotivate them.

Very complicated, obscure and costly management

Large companies spend phenomenal amounts to manage and maintain their premises.

Our facility management specialists
accompany you to define
the best solution to your need.

By freeing themselves from their surfaces
leased 3/6/9 to remain competitive:

Seeking flexibility

They abandon their dilapidated offices to replace them with flexible spaces according to their needs.

To focus on its heart business

They delegate the management of their offices to focus their energy and resources on their activity.

Having friendly workspaces

They provide their employees with user-friendly and ergonomic workspaces allowing them to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Pay what we
really use

They use a flexible rental system in time and space to pay only for what they actually consume.

Our unique concept of Ékypé ™ workspaces is calibrated to perfectly meet all these constraints.

Immediate and lasting benefits

Plug & Work

Because time is money, everything is already configured when you arrive.

You are operational within one minute of your arrival.

Really ALL inclusive offers

An all-inclusive monthly package, clear service conditions, no unpleasant surprises with us!


No predefined commitment, it's up to you to choose the rental period you need.


You adjust the volume of services needed over time and space according to your business.

Guaranteed profitability

Thanks to this flexibility, you can be sure that you only pay for the services you use when you need them.

Efficient and quality services

A full range of offices equipped for 1 to 100 people, combined with services based on an ISO 9000: 2015 Quality system.

Call us now on 04 65 26 04 12

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