More than an open space ...
                   an Ékypé ™ technical platform!

Your teams will have a unique experience:

a turnkey, flexible and profitable workspace integrating quality furnished offices, shared human resources, fixed and variable charges, in a customizable package, with fixed monthly payments.

Plug & Work.

Because time is money, everything is already configured when you arrive.

You are operational within one minute of your arrival.

Really ALL inclusive

An all-inclusive monthly package, clear service conditions, no unpleasant surprises with us!


No predefined commitment, it's up to you to choose the rental period you need.


You modulate in time and space the volume of services necessary according to your business.

Guaranteed profitability.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can be sure that you only pay for the services you use when you need them.

and quality

A full range of offices equipped from 1 to 30 people, associated with services based on an ISO 9000: 2015 Quality system.

Immediate benefits for your business.

A network and a team

Secure broadband WiFi

4 equipped meeting rooms

video projector

video conference

Access to the network of network printers, scanner, fax

Free coffee and tea and Access to the 3 relaxation areas

• A team that accompanied you

• An equipped office, with a box of 3 key drawers

• An economical and comfortable seat

• Reversible air conditioning

• Guaranteed parking

• Unlimited access to the relaxation and catering area
• Access by electronic badge 24/7
• 24/7 secure access


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