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for your French expatriate employees

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Managing your contract portfolio

At Working Rolls™, you have the choice and we make your life easier.

Whatever the number of expatriate employees and the options you choose, you will have only one contract to manage!

Indeed, in the same contract you can match the service pack with the real need of the employee in order to reduce the costs for your company.

When subscribing, you just have to tell us the number of packs chosen and the employees attached to them. (We will provide you with a registration form beforehand).

In the event of a pack change or the number of packs in the portfolio (incoming or outgoing employee), we will simply draw up an addendum. Please note, each pack being nominative, it is not possible to substitute one employee for another on one and the same pack.

You must cancel the pack for the employee entering France and activate a new pack for the expatriate employee.

The registration fees then apply for the new departing employee.

An addendum is simply written for good form.

Our Management department will transmit to the accounting department of your company an invoice stating the number of packs valid in the month to come.

Our invoices for these services are paid by direct debit, in arrears.


There is no commitment, one or all of the packs in the contract portfolio can be terminated at any time with 1 month's notice, before the 1st of the month.


Our privacy guarantee

Thus the legal custodian of the secret of your correspondence, WORKING ROLLS ™ undertakes to do everything in its power to guarantee you the absolute confidentiality of your mails and maximum security for your connections to your Customer Area (see our Confidentiality Charter).

The management of WORKING ROLLS ™, having worked for a long time with secret defense information, is extremely sensitive to the ultra-confidentiality of the data entrusted to it. Thus, it strives to rigorously respect:

  • The confidentiality of all letters and documents concerning you

  • Maximum security for your connections to your Customer Area and for viewing your digital mails

  • The secrecy of your personal and postal details (name, marital status, domicile, redirection address, etc.)

Within WORKING ROLLS ™, each member of the team has signed a confidentiality clause under which he undertakes not to disclose any information concerning the company's activities and customer data of which he may be aware in the performance of his duties.

This confidentiality obligation applies for the entire duration of the employment contract and is extended after the termination of the latter for 10 years.

Are you reluctant to open your mail? Several formulas and options are available to reassure you.

You can opt for our simple forwarding service: your letters are received and redirected without opening or scanning.

You can activate the bank secrecy option (free option) during your registration: none of your bank letters will be opened (as long as they can be identified without opening) or scanned.

The security of data exchanges

Encryption is an essential means to ensure a high level of security for your mail, WORKING ROLLS ™ has adopted the 256-bit SSL encryption process to protect all data related to your personal information and your mail. You are in SSL encrypted mode when one of the icons is displayed at the top of your browser.

No email is completely secure. This is why WORKING ROLLS ™ does not send you any scanned mail by e-mail. The only emails you will receive from WORKING ROLLS ™ are automatic notifications, the content of which will not allow an ill-intentioned person to intrude on your MyWORKING ROLLS ™ Customer Area.

The security of your personal data

In application of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, to have at any time the right to access and modify personal data concerning you. You can also consult or modify your personal data from your Customer Area in the "My Account" section.

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Our range of services

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