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Easily set up your business!

I finally separated my activity
                                    of my personal life!

I love my job, but receiving my appointments at my house

really bother ....

I want to preserve my personal life and give another image of


Bérénice G., freelance Graphic designer PAO & President of an association

I enhanced the image of my company

I was aware that my company lacked visibility.

I changed to a more rewarding address and to give a better image for my clients. It's crazy the increase of CA that I had thanks to the Domexpert pack, I recommend it a thousand times!

Alex Z., plasterer

My personal heritage is preserved

Unpaid, difficult economic situation, legal problems ....

We did not want our personal heritage to be subject to the possible problems of our activity.

Marc D., legal and tax advisor

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Immediate benefits!

We are aware of the importance of rapid market access,

this is why we offer you the possibility of being operational immediately.

Your business address

Benefit from the strategic locations of our luxury buildings, located at

the heart of one of the most important and dynamic activity zones in the South of France, which offers you a strategic place for your activities. An address already chosen by many prestigious companies.


A long-lasting PROFESSIONAL address, even if you move!

Give another image of yourself


Thanks to our session packs (additional charge), you can receive your meetings in a professional space and be greeted by hostesses, that changes everything!

Business center opening (physical and telephone reception) 8 hours a day to receive your packages and all your mail:

No more lost packages, no lost time!



True protection of your privacy
and your heritage


A domiciliation is the legal and legal seat of your activity.

Your assets are not physically in the same place as the headquarters of your activity. No amalgamation, no legal risk that can affect your personal property.

Benefit from the geographical location of our luxury building, located at 38 Parc du Golf, 13100 AIX EN PROVENCE in the heart of one of the most important and dynamic business areas in the South of France, which offers you a strategic address for your activities, already chosen by many prestigious companies. A lasting address, even if you move

Your professional address on AIX en PROVENCE

A revolutionary solution to manage your mail!

Have your digital mail, archived in real time, 24/7 in the WORKING ROLLS ™ cloud: this is the exclusive Mail2Cloud ™ service that we offer you.

Share, manage your secure personal access to share it with your relationships.

No more information lost, savings in re-shipping costs.

A single service provider for your formalities


Don't waste any more time between the chartered accountant, the domiciliary and the CFE.

Batycom ™ takes care of all your legal formalities
to the trade and companies register or to the chamber of trades.


► Full registration of any type of company

  Artisan, EURL, SARL, SA et SAS,

► Entering administrative forms

  M0 / M2 / M3 forms, legal announcements, minutes of meetings, management reports, special report. Connection with our partner lawyers for all specific legal acts (e.g. drafting of the SAS statutes).

► Archiving of your legal documents

  Storage of your accounting and legal documents

► A meeting room for your general meetings

  Room for twelve people, equipped with video projector and audio conference

► No unnecessary travel

  From the legal announcement to the filing of your statutes at the registry, through assistance in        the drafting of your statutes

► Legal support for your business

  Privileged contact with our partner lawyers and accountants

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Independent professionals
tell you about direct debit

Preserve your personal belongings!

                                                                                  The temporary domiciliation of your activity at your home is possible but present

                                                                                           precariousness because it cannot exceed five years and consideration should be given to

                                                                                             lease a commercial space or use the services of a domiciliation  in the long term, with all

                                                                                       the administrative changes that this generates.

                                                                               On the other hand, a domiciliation at home poses a danger to your property and your

                                                                  assets, whether or not you have declared the property exempt from seizure.

                                                        Indeed, Law No. 2013-1117 of December 6, 2013 provides that the tax administration has the right to seize the

                                             entrepreneur's real estate even if it has been declared exempt from seizure.

                                    In addition, in the event of significant claims, and when you have declared your activity in your principal residence, the judge could consider the place of work of your domicile as an indivisible professional property and cancel this declaration in order to be able to sell your property in order to reimburse your creditors and your liabilities. 

Finally, declarations of exemption from seizure made within the 6 months preceding the date of cessation of payments, may be the subject of an action for optional cancellation exercised by the administrator, the legal representative, the plan implementation commissioner or Crown. My advice: Domiciliate your creative activity, whatever the form and its importance, in an approved business center, with a good image and services that can evolve according to your needs.

Maître Benoit T., lawyer at the Bar

Make real savings!

Domiciliation makes it possible to considerably limit fixed costs, or even to transform them

in variable costs. The example of real estate is particularly relevant:

thanks to domiciliation, you can get rid of a very binding 3/6/9 lease,

and if you occasionally need offices, you only pay for the surface you really need with adaptable contracts on the surface

and over time. It is a relatively unknown solution but one which presents very great economic


Myriam B., Accountant

Why trust each other?

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All these advantages from € 1 per day!

a simple, flexible solution with no hidden costs

In a pack customizable to your needs



Commercial, legal and tax domiciliation of your activity on PERTUIS
A real professional and luxury address for your activity
Professional reception of your customers and suppliers in the business center


Unlimited reception of your letters and parcels




+ 90 € of administrative fees and 1 deposit of 3 months refundable at the end of your contract.

1 € per fold received


Unlimited availability of your mail

Unlimited digital storage of your mail with 24/7 accessibility of all your scanned, classified and archived mail in Mail2Cloud WORKING ROLLS ™

How often to re-send your mail

Telephone services

29,99/ month



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