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Coworking space in Aix en PROVENCE MARSEILLE 5 minutes from the TGV station. 350 m² of workspace equipped with parking, company domiciliation, company domiciliation are basic services provided by WORKING ROLLS. Rental of meeting rooms AIX EN PROVENCE, rental of training room AIX EN PROVENCE, business center AIX TGV

WORKING ROLLS offers innovative solutions for the rental of equipped offices, coworking, company domiciliation, meeting rooms, 5 minutes from the AIX-EN-ROVENCE TGV station and 10 minutes from the city center. Free parking.

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Welcome to our coworking spaces
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The turnkey real estate offer
the most complete and the most economical

Everything is simple and clear, a comprehensive offer and all inclusive,
a defined budget, fixed monthly payments.

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Work every day as you want with our flexible solutions.

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WORKING ROLLS ™ is a group of independent premium business centers, a member of the BURO Club® network, offering innovative work solutions for entrepreneurs up to the multinational.
Located mainly in the South of France for 13 years, WORKING ROLLS ™ makes easily available to its customers a turnkey work space, combining structural services and shared human resources in the form of a package à la carte.
WORKING ROLLS ™ offers, in addition to business domiciliation, telephone hotline, rental of meeting rooms and other business solutions through its marketplace and network of partners.

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