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Domiciliation of companies
Aix Nord (Pertuis)

Domiciliation of companies on Pertuis, 10 min from CADRACHE and 15 min from ITER in the only business center approved by the Prefecture ISO 9000.
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An ideally located premium business center

Join him quickly:



10 min CEA CADARACHE  and 20 min ITER

  • 3 min A51

  • 2 min from Station RER

  • Free insured private parking

  • 24/7 access by electronic badge


2 000 m²

2 relaxation areas 1 cafeteria

1 Reprography center

5 Batycom ™ employees

Offices Ékypé

1 luxury reception

36 individual offices

101 places

Meeting Rooms 
5 rooms
Interactive video projectors
2 systemes de visioconférence
avantage dom pertuis

Do you want to set up your business or a commercial agency?

You are looking for the quality address in the Avignon region, in Pertuis, 15 minutes from ITER,

in a Business Center approved by the Prefecture ...

... WORKING ROLLS ™ offers you the range of direct debit services at the best value for money on the market.

Benefit now with our pack DOMECO:

Commercial and / or tax domiciliation of your activity in Aix-en-Provence

• A real professional and quality address at:

                               23 avenue Benjamin Franklin • 84120 PERTUIS

• 4 hours rental of Ékypé ™ office or meeting room per month included!

• 10% permanent reduction on all WORKING ROLLS ™ services

• Free SMS when you receive mail
• Professional reception of your customers and suppliers at the business center

• Mailbox

• Staff to receive your mail and packages all day!

• A simple subscription in 5 min online.

from   29 per month


, 90

Subscription conditions: € 90 excluding registration fees (creation of postal address, declaration to the Registry, etc ...) │ 1 deposit of 3 months guarantee refundable at the end of your contract within 60 days│ Contract with commitment with 3 months notice. Administrative documents required: 1 CNI in the course of R / V validity + certificate of domicile + copy of the status + certificate that the creation formalities will be completed within one month of the subscription.

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A question ?


Create an account and get started

easily complete your addresses

with telephone coordinates and a hotline


Choose the frequency of forwarding your mail:

Occasional, daily or weekly.


The digitization of your mail with 24/7 accessibility of all your mail.


It's time to complete your business card with a local phone number in addition to your future address, with or without a secretary.


Don't waste any more time between the accountant, the CFE. Batycom ™ takes care of all your legal formalities in the commercial and companies register.

It's the pack DOMTEL :

• A DOMPLUS direct debit + a direct debit + a hotline

• Allocation of a local fixed telephone number

• Personalized telephone answering service (30 calls / m) in 04 42

• Identification and qualification of the call

• Taking into account my daily instructions

• Getting in touch with my contacts

• Management of my agenda (making an appointment)

• Free sending of my messages (SMS or Mail)

• Management of my missed messages

• My personalized mailbox

• Simple and clear subscription conditions.

only  149 per month


, 90



Immediate benefits!

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