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Our technology

The Working Rolls ™ teams are on the bridge 24/7 to allow you to take advantage of all the latest technologies for the performance of your business and thus save you time and money.


► An efficient computer network
An ultra-efficient fiber optic network equips our sites. Broadband and reliability now accessible with a simple plug in our network sockets! Come try it you will be surprised!


► 24/7 internet backup> WORKING ROLLS WebSURE®
100 mbt / s fiber optic internet access backed up 24/7, so that you are always connected and offers for all budgets but always of quality!

You can also connect to secure high-speed WiFi.

► Your data hosted, saved and protected> WORKING ROLLS ™ Datacenter
A dedicated proprietary infrastructure on Windows server 2018® and Linux® platform backed up 24/7 allow us to offer you a real reliable and maintained collaborative working computer platform - Your data is secure, saved and protected.

We can boast that we have never had any loss of data, viruses or inaccessibility of our customers' data since the establishment of the establishment, i.e. almost 10 years!


► Technology for your calls> your correspondents reach you everywhere!
Thanks to our technology associated with that of CISCO BUSINESS®, SFR BUSINESS® and ORANGE BUSINESS®, our hostesses can send you a phone call from your landline from your office to your mobile in real time, wherever in the world you are. you are, if you are busy or unreachable, we process messages Your correspondents are thus always welcomed by our hostesses and have the feeling of having been heard.

We answer 99.99% of incoming calls, all lines combined! You don't lose calls, saving you time and money.


► Technology for your messages> you don't lose any message!
A real-time transmission of your telephone messages in your absence by SMS with automatic call back to your correspondents.

A dashboard allows us to find a missed call and your SMS and thus save you time and money!


Les équipes de Working Rolls™ sont sur le pont 24/7 pour vous permettre de tirer profit de toute les dernières technologies au service de la performance de votre entreprise et de vous faire ainsi gagner du temps et de l'argent.​

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