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Factotum m / f

AIX EN PROVENCE. C.D.I. part time 20 h/s (morning or afternoon) │ To be filled immediately.

Within the Technical Service, the factotum takes care of maintenance, preventive and curative maintenance of our premises, equipment made available to our Customers and common areas in accordance with our Quality standards and safety rules.
He / she is in charge of orders for the supply of tools and consumables / management of the stock of equipment.

He / she works in our Pertuis and Aix-en-Provence centers. We offer you a position with total autonomy and management of your intervention planning.



  • Preventive maintenance of common areas and offices

  • Curative maintenance of common areas and offices

  • Diagnoses a failure on an installation (lighting, heating, sanitary, ...)

  • Troubleshoots and takes care of the maintenance of an electrical installation (lighting, ventilation, network, ...)

  • Change or repair windows, handles, rails, ... windows, doors, ...

  • Control and maintain the air conditioning, sanitary and hot water production installations

  • Prepares the supports (removable partitions, ...) and mounts the removable partitions

  • Maintains green and outdoor spaces

  • Identifies supply needs, places orders and manages stock status.

  • Laying and carpet connections

  • Removal, installation or repair of a wall or floor covering (tiling, earthenware, parquet, paneling, baseboards, ...)

  • Apply paint to the floor (aisles, protected passages, sports surfaces, ...)

  • Fix or change signaling or safety elements (rescue blocks, sprinklers, markup, ...)

  • Installs and maintains fire extinguishers at customers' premises

  • Changes or repairs existing masonry elements

  • Dismantle / assemble sports equipment, furniture, false ceilings, partition

  • Writes intervention reports

  • Write quotes

  • Establish purchase orders

  • Manage equipment stocks


A Factotum must have technical and IT skills:

- Basic elements in electricity
- Basic elements in aluminum joinery
- Basic elements in plumbing
- Reading of plan, diagram
- License B (car)
- Smoothing
- Fire safety regulations
- Security rules
- Tile laying techniques
- Techniques for laying flexible coverings
- Welding techniques
- Use of mowing machines (self-propelled)
- Use of pruning tools (pruning shears, chainsaw, ...)
- Use of the Office pack


  • CAP, BEP or equivalent EXCLUSIVELY or 3 years experience in a hotel complex.

  • Path with experience in customer service

  • 3 years minimum required in a similar position

  • Computer literacy (Internet)


  • A sense of service

  • Proactive attitude towards autonomy

  • Energy & Initiative

  • Rigorous and meticulous

  • Good stress management

  • Active listening

  • Autonomous



  • CDI contract based 20 hours per week

  • SMIC remuneration + quality bonuses (100 € / m) + availability bonus (80 € / m) + attendance bonus (100 € / m)
    1. Mutual covered 50% by the employer
    2. APICIL pension plan

  • Service vehicle

  • Phone

  • High quality work environment

  • Formations

  • Job evolution

​How to apply?

We are happy that one of these offers interests you and that you wish to apply.

We are looking above all for men and women who want to make a real career within our Group, who like a job well done and accomplished, who have a sense of duty, service, and altruism.

We are looking for human qualities and not only skills that can be acquired internally through training.

You recognize yourself through our values, so go ahead! ​Make your request using the form below by sending us your handwritten cover letter and CV, PDF format.

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Thank you. Your request has been taken into account.

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