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€ 135 Public price or € 79 with your Batycom ™ advantage code.

Your Starter pack to start your communication: Your 1000 Prestige business cards and your Colop® prestige stamp guaranteed for life!

Your business cards

- 350 gr coated glossy

- 55 x 85 mm

- Quadri recto

- Facing matte or Glossy coating offered


Your Stamp

- COLOP® Printer Line 40 lifetime warranty

- 22 x 56 mm

- Housing colors: black and inker of choice (Black, Blue, Red, Violet or Green)!


Your free card holder!

Be pro until the end of your signature! Take advantage of this magnificent inking device guaranteed for life to finally have your logo and 6 maximum on your stamp!

Sole dimension 46 x 26 mm.


Delivery times : D + 2 from the validation of your proof to print (BAT).

PRINT & GO! 1,000 prestige business cards + 1 stamp guaranteed for life

SKU: printandgo
Buffer case color: Black
  • Four-color offset printing.

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