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Suitable for documents that require optimal protection.
Completely opaque, waterproof and ultra resistant, it ensures you a reception in perfect condition.
Economical: ultra-light and compact, you reduce your postage costs.
Satin appearance to guarantee excellent print quality.
Plastic 100% high density polyethylene, Tyvek quality, 55 g / m², recyclable.
Format C5: 162 x 229 mm. Without window.
Self-adhesive tab closure with protective strip to guarantee perfect adhesiveness.
Box of 20 pockets. White color.

Pouch without bellows white plastic 162 x 229 mm Tyvek 55 g - Pack of 20

SKU: 17881
  • material Tyvek Bellows (cm) without Format (mm) 162 x 229 Window (mm) without Closing self-adhesive tab with protective strip Format of the document to be sent A4 format folded in 2 Package of 20 Postal type C5 weight 55g Color White

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