WORKING ROLLS propose des solutions innovantes de location de bureaux équipés, coworking, domiciliation d'entreprises, salles de réunion, à 5 min de la gare TGV d'AIX-EN-ROVENCE et 10 min du centre ville. Parking gratuit.

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Discover the WORKING ROLLS ™ Business Centers members of the network

Espace de coworking sur Aix en PROVENCE à  5 min de la gare TGV.  350 m² d'espace de travail équipés avec parking, domiciliation d'entreprises, domiciliation de sociétés sont des prestations de bases fournies par WORKING ROLLS. Location de salles de réunion AIX EN PROVENCE, location de salle de formation AIX EN PROVENCE, centre d’affaires AIX TGV

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The turnkey real estate offer
the most complete and the most economical

Everything is simple and clear, a comprehensive offer and all inclusive,
a defined budget, fixed monthly payments.

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Freedom and flexibility

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Work every day as you want with our flexible solutions.

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WORKING ROLLS ™ is a group of independent premium business centers, a member of the BURO Club® network, offering innovative work solutions for entrepreneurs up to the multinational.
Located mainly in the South of France for 13 years, WORKING ROLLS ™ makes easily available to its customers a turnkey work space, combining structural services and shared human resources in the form of a package à la carte.
WORKING ROLLS ™ offers, in addition to business domiciliation, telephone hotline, rental of meeting rooms and other business solutions through its marketplace and network of partners.

│ Focus on your core business by reducing expenses, with a flexible turnkey property solution, on time, month or year.

à partir de 

 20,97 €

par jour et par personne

Your turnkey office ready!

Louez votre bureau équipé sur Aix-en-Provence
Your office equipped in a friendly professional space shared with other entrepreneurs.

à partir de 

 8,35 €

par jour et par personne

Reboost your business!

Louez votre bureau équipé sur Aix-en-Provence
│Organize events in very beautiful equipped rooms.
│ Benefit from high-performance videoconferencing equipment.

A place conducive to quality meetings

Louez maintenant votre salles de réunion avec visioconférence


 71,20 €

per day

Nos offres de domiciliation d'entreprise Aix-en-Provence, Pertuis, Manosque
│Boost your business by simply changing your business address.
│Access a bouquet of services that will take off your business.

Another dimension to your activity.


 1 € / day

│Change the image of your activity
│ Get a pro phone number with or without a hotline.

Your customer relationship at the top

à partir de 

 1 € / jour

Services téléphoniques

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