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POST BOX for expatriates


38 Parc Club du Golf  • 350 avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière •13100 Aix-en-Provence

23 rue Benjamin Franklin - 84120 PERTUIS

Boîtes d'expédition

Banking services

When you are far from your French home, it is very complicated or too expensive to pay certain invoices remotely.

For our customers, it's very simple.

As WORKING ROLLS ™ receives your mail made available to you in the My WorkingRolls secure area, just click on a button to request payment of an invoice in France.

You credit your account from your secure space, with an amount that you have chosen.

Your account manager then writes a check for you and debits your account with WORKING ROLLS ™ for the corresponding amount of the invoice.

The unit cost of a check establishment is € 5, - HT.

It is very simple and more economical than paying exchange fees!


Our privacy guarantee

Thus the legal depositary of the secret of your correspondence, WORKING ROLLS ™ undertakes to do everything to guarantee you the absolute confidentiality of your mails and maximum security of your connections to your Customer Area.

The management of WORKING ROLLS ™, having worked for a long time with secret defense information, is extremely sensitive to the ultra-confidentiality of the data entrusted to it. Thus, it strives to rigorously respect:

  • The confidentiality of all letters and documents concerning you

  • Maximum security for your connections to your Customer Area and for viewing your digital mail

  • The secrecy of your personal and postal coordinates (name, civil status, domicile, forwarding address, etc.)

Within WORKING ROLLS ™, each member of the team has signed a confidentiality clause under which he undertakes not to disclose any information concerning the company's activities and customer data of which he may be aware in the performance of his duties.

This confidentiality obligation applies for the entire duration of the employment contract and is extended after the termination of the latter for 10 years.

Are you reluctant to open your mail? Several formulas and options are available to reassure you.

  • You can opt for our simple forwarding service: your letters are received and redirected without opening or scanning.

  • You can activate the bank secrecy option (free option) during your registration: none of your bank letters will be opened (as long as they can be identified without opening) or scanned.

The security of data exchanges

Encryption is an essential means of ensuring a high level of security for your scanned documents, WORKING ROLLS ™ has adopted the 256-bit SSL encryption process to protect all data related to your personal information and your mail.

You are in SSL encrypted mode when one of the icons is displayed at the top of your browser.

No email is completely secure. This is why WORKING ROLLS ™ does not send you any scanned mail by e-mail.

The only emails you will receive from WORKING ROLLS ™ are automatic notifications, the content of which will not allow an ill-intentioned person to intrude on your MyWORKING ROLLS ™ Customer Area.

The security of your personal data

In application of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you can have the right to access and modify your personal data at any time.


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